Madelyn Arnold

Photo of Madelyn Arnold

Madelyn Arnold

Philanthropic Engagement Specialist
UCCS Advancement
Main Hall 301
“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”-Coretta Scott King


Madelyn serves as the Philanthropic Engagement Specialist for UCCS. In this role, she implements donor-centered advancement plans focusing on relationship building and ethical philanthropic engagement helping drive the growth of annual giving fundraising for the campus. Madelyn looks forward to getting involved in the ever-growing campus and all its amazing opportunities.

Madelyn and her spouse recently moved to Colorado Springs from Northwest Arkansas, being drawn to the natural beauty and inclusivity of the area. She considers herself somewhat of a maker- enjoying creating through various outlets such as baking, sewing, and embroidery. Madelyn also enjoys playing a wide array of board games having gained an appreciation for them growing up in a gaming family.