University Advancement Staff

Community & Regional Relations

University Advancement professionals coordinate the university's primary outreach activities to the community and region. This includes memberships in key organizations, attendance at key community events, representation on important community initiatives and the creation of partnerships supporting the university's mission.

Projects & Partnerships

  • FISU – International University Sports Federation
  • NANA Development Corporation
  • Operation 6035
  • Peak Vista Senior Health Clinic
  • Olympic Partnerships
  • Colorado Springs Sports Corporation
  • Southern Colorado Higher Education Consortium
  • Anschutz Branch Medical Campus
  • Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Center for Regional Advancement

Government Relations

Advancement works closely with staff from the CU Office of Government Relations to represent campus interests at both the State and Federal levels. This includes monitoring of key legislation, working with the local delegations and promoting university opportunities for funding.

The Quick Version

Alumni Relations manages relationships between UCCS and its over 55,000 alumni and works to cultivate a strong bond between our graduates and their alma mater.

The Office of Alumni Relations is a division of University Advancement that exists to strengthen ties between UCCS and its alumni and friends through management of the UCCS Alumni and Friends Association.

In the spirit of educational advancement, the Alumni and Friends Association strives to be the central link between the University and its alumni. The Alumni Association promotes and fosters a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between alumni, the University, its students, and the community to support the mission, goals, and traditions of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Alumni Communication

The Office of Alumni Relations communicates regularly with graduates via e-newsletters and invitations to special events. We also work with colleges and departments on campus to develop alumni relations strategies.

We also reach out to our graduates through a variety of social media networks including FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

Special Events

The Office of Alumni Relations also hosts numerous alumni events each year, including networking receptions, faculty lectures and family events. A complete list of upcoming events is available on the Alumni and Friends Association website.

Volunteer Program

UCCS offers dozens of opportunities for alumni and friends to donate their time and talents to our students and programs. Learn more and sign up today: Volunteer Opportunities for Alumni

How You Can Help

In addition to creating engagement opportunities for UCCS graduates, the Office of Alumni Relations is working diligently with colleges and departments at UCCS to develop strong, affinity-based alumni programming. If you are interested in contacting your graduates or hosting alumni special events that are college or department specific, please contact us so that we can provide resources and tools to assist you.

If you are a graduate of UCCS, you can update your contact information on the Alumni Association website. If you’re not sure what contact information we have in our database, feel free to submit our online information update form just in case – if there is a change to your information, we’ll take of it for you.


The Office of Chancellor Events and University Events partners with the Chancellor’s Office and University Advancement team, focusing on the donor, scholarship, system-level, and campus annual events.  This Office averages over 200 events annually, varying in size and content.

University development professionals support fundraising on behalf of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Our donors are fueling success today and for generations to come. Private philanthropy allows UCCS to expand its excellence and impact by supporting the scholarships, buildings, centers, and programs that make UCCS an exciting place to learn, teach, research, and work.

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Internal Communications

The office produces Communique, the official newsletter for UCCS faculty and staff, which is constantly updated to provide fresh content and opportunity for reader interaction. We encourage you to visit to see new information, sign up for an RSS feed, and share articles on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Summary emails are sent to the faculty and staff email lists, and other email addresses by request, weekly during the fall and spring semesters and monthly during the summer semester. Previous issues, dating back to August 2005, are available in the Communique Archives. Go to »

Media Relations

University Communications Media Relations serves as the university's official communication link to local, regional and national media. In many cases, Media Relations staff serve as official university spokespersons. In other cases, Media Relations staff work actively with faculty to publicize their work at the university or to link media members in search of faculty expertise. Faculty members are encouraged to work in coordination with Media Relations when contacted by the media or to develop publicity plans to highlight faculty research, service and teaching.

The unit responds to hundreds of inquiries and produces more than 60 press releases annually. The unit also provides informal and formal guidance to faculty and staff about responding to media inquiries or promoting actions through the mass media. University Advancement staff members also serve as advisers to the student newspaper and to the campus radio station. Visit »


Social Media

We coordinate the use of social media throughout campus by using social media to interact with the UCCS community, disseminating accurate information in real-time, and providing campus-wide social media training for faculty and staff. Our goal is to create a collaborative social media strategy that meets the university's needs. Information regarding the UCCS social media policy and campus-wide training for faculty and staff can be found at »


Direct Marketing

We work with Student Recruitment to generate prospective student leads through targeted direct marketing. Over 130,000 direct mail pieces have been sent to prospects in Colorado, California, and Arizona.

Digital Content and Digital Marketing

Our office works with units across UCCS to improve their digital presence. We help optimize and create content for websites across the university, and we also can help create targeted digital campaigns to help meet program or enrollment goals. 


UCCS sends millions of emails each month, and our office helps create and manage these marketing campaigns and efforts.

More about eComm »

Mass Marketing and Brand Building

We promote UCCS through various mass marketing and brand-building efforts. Our annual campaigns, conducted in partnership with Greenhouse Partners, reach millions of prospective students and their families annually. 

Brand and Design is part of University Marketing and Communications. Our role is to focus, clarify and articulate the UCCS brand to support the University's strategic plan. We seek to be the expert resource, crafting designs, tools and guidance to strengthen the UCCS brand and help campus marketers succeed.

Brand Management

It is important to have a strong, consistent, recognizable brand identity. We're here to help, provide guidance, and answer questions. We'll work with you to make sure what you produce contributes to a strong and effective UCCS brand, which in turn supports our university's long-term strategic goals. Information about the brand, including the Brand Identity Standards document as a downloadable pdf, as well as downloads of logo artwork and templates, are available at the UCCS Brand website. This is also where you go to request customized artwork, send feedback, and ask questions.

Contact Gabby Hensley with questions or visit the UCCS Brand Website 

Design and Creative

We are here to help. We help elevate the impact of the university brand throughout our community by applying consistent brand standards and well-executed design. We’d love to work with you on any projects you have—big or small—to implement the brand in print, digital and interactive design, share best practices, assist with design thinking and strategy, identify resources, provide feedback, and clarify a path forward. If we can’t directly help produce your piece, we can suggest assets and resources to help you complete your project. Contact Gabby Hensley to get started.

Trademarks and Licensing

We are responsible for ensuring the correct use and integrity of UCCS trademark assets, including marks and verbiage. The trademark licensing program regulates, promotes, and protects the use of the University's name and identifying marks, and the reputation they represent, both on and off campus, ensuring the quality and consistency of the university brand on university merchandise, while creating a cooperative and positive working relationship with the manufacturers, licensees and retailers who work with the University. More information about the university's trademark licensing program is available at Trademarks and Licensing Program


Photography Coordination and Digital Asset Management

We help coordinate the photography needs for the campus by maintaining both an online selection of downloadable UCCS photography as well as a more comprehensive digital collection in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. We can assist you with DAM strategies, existing asset retrieval, and can also help you hire a professional photographer to capture your event or photos for your marketing materials. Contact Gabby Hensley with questions or visit the UCCS Photography Database »




The Video Production department (formerly known as Media Services) primarily creates videos for Marketing or outreach efforts and what projects they take on are determined by UCCS Marketing or the Advancement offices.

UCCS Video Production videos fall under these three categories: 

  • Live sporting events or campus wide events (such as town halls or commencements)
  • Advancement, Marketing, or Chancellor projects
  • Academic online content projects (for use in their online class presence to standardize and provide higher quality videos to promote UCCS's strategic online plan) 


The Auxiliary Services Marketing Department provides high level support to UCCS Auxiliary Services units—Bookstore, Dining, Parking, Housing, etc.—through strategic marketing planning, internal marketing campaigns, creative design, and internal communications.

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